Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
September 6, 2015

My last entomatadas, and a wonderful abuela.

There's just a week and a half left, of my time here in Mexico. The days spinning by quicker and quicker, slipping through my grasping hands. Each afternoon wondering will that by my last proper entomatadas for a while? , and will I be able to catch the tortilla delivery guy again?

Knowing that for everything I've experienced and loved in this country the last times have either passed, or they're right in front of me.

It's a strange and wonderful thing, to jump into a new culture with open arms. To find, if you let them, open arms waiting.

At my favorite beachfront restaurant this week, I finally pushed past the shyness and asked: Your food is my favorite in town! Would you be wiling to teach me how to make it?

The abuela, laughing, said, of course. But it's very simple. Just four tomatoes then a quarter of an onion - make sure the tomatoes are fresh. Also, you'll want...

Looking up, she stopped on my bewildered, rapidly-parsing-Spanish face, and laughed again. Next time you come by, she said, just come into the kitchen and watch. I'll show you.

If there's one thing I keep learning living all over the world, it's that people are good, and the only thing that separates us is the stories we tell. Insistent stories with capital letters about Country and City and Race and Belief. They shout to us that they're true - but they're just stories.

Once we're face-to-face, talking and smiling, it's obvious. All of us - everywhere - are the same.

This week, I'm also happy to share an upcoming piece with you. It'll go out on Working/Not Working's Free Range next month, but you get super special early access to all the things. :)

The piece is everything I know about the how of living all over the world. If you're interested in traveling, working remotely, or spending even a month halfway across the world, here's what I know. I hope it makes your travels easier.

Living the Dream - Logistics

May you find a wonderful week, wrapped in the kind strangers with which we get to share a planet.


p.s. The best thing I saw all week was this wonderful piece about water. Jaw-dropping, and heart-squishing.

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