Everything you need to know about depression,
and the tools to take it on.

“Probably the best self-help book on depression I've ever read.”
— Dr. Joe Rhinewine
     Psychologist and Director, Portland Mindfulness Therapy

It's finally here!

The No-Bullshit Guide to Depression is now available, worldwide!

If you're one of the thousands of folks on my list waiting to grab a copy, hit one of the links above, and take it home today!

But if you just got here, here's everything you need to know about the book, and answers to the questions I hear most often.

Q: "I’m a Ridiculously Busy Person. Describe this book in a sentence for me."

A: Everything you need to know about how to deal with depression or support someone who deals with it, broken down into bite-sized chapters.

Q: What’s in it?

A: Everything. The book is 400 pages, but it reads casual, easy and fast. (The average chapter is just a couple pages long.) Here’s the broad breakdown:

  • The Landscape of Depression. What depression is, what it’s like, how it works, the stuff that gets weird, and the fundamental truths you need to take it on.
  • The Pledge. Four pages that cover the attitude you’ll need to win the war against depression.
  • Awesome Tools. The biggest section in the book, filled with 60+ research-backed tools to take on all aspects of depression. Pick and choose among them, try them out, find what you like, and build a bad-ass depression-fighting toolbox.
  • The People in Your Life. Insights on how to deal with everyone in your life when Aunt Dee’s in town. Includes a big chunk on finding and getting great support people, and a guide for support people so they know what to do. We also cover how to handle everyone else - friends and family, coworkers and classmates, random strangers, and the pros. It’s all in there.
  • The Long Game. Finally, we finish up by talking about depression in the bigger context of your life, building a values-driven life, and the power we each have when we speak up and share our stories dealing with depression.

Q: Who would benefit from reading it?

A: Both people who deal with depression, and folks who have people in their lives who deal with it.

If you deal with depression, this is the guidebook someone should have handed you the first time Aunt Dee showed up. I’m glad to finally get it into your hands, and you’ll find it immensely valuable in taking her on.

If you don’t deal with depression but know someone who does, the book will give you a much better understanding of what it’s like and what really helps. The section on how to be a great support person, in particular, you’ll likely find a lot of value in.

Q: Are there cute cat pictures?

A: There are not. However, there are pretty awesome illustrations.

Q: What’s this based on? Is this stuff you just made up? What’s the proof?

A: Awesome question. All the tools in this book are based on the latest research and what we know to help in taking on depression.

I hold the view that depression is an actual weird thing happening in our brains that can actually be taken on by the right tools, and there’s a body of research that backs this viewpoint up. I draw from frameworks with crazy acronyms like MBCT, ACT, and CBT, as well as papers on cognitive science and behavioral psychology.

This book isn’t about my story with depression, or the things I found that worked for me (though I have tried everything in it.) It’s about all the stuff we currently know, distilled down to clear writing you can understand without a PhD.

Accuracy is really important to me. I’ve consulted with mental health providers to make sure the stuff in this book is right, and lines up with the research. (And happily, their feedback has been things like “It's really great. I haven't read a book like it, that's as up-to-date with the current research.”)

Q: Is there swearing?

A: There is some swearing. I mean, the book has bullshit in the title. You kinda saw that coming.

I’m of the mindset that there are a few things in life worth swearing about. Depression - a disease that nobody talks about that kills people - is one of them.

If you’re not a fan of certain words, I get it - please read around ‘em and accept my thanks for rolling with it. Don’t miss the really good content on account of four letters here and there.

Q: Have you written anything else about depression that I can see, before I buy the book?

A: Yep. That's how this all got started.

This piece — How to Help Someone With Depression has been read by over a million people in 193 countries. It helps.

I also wrote a quick-hit What to Do When You're Depressed that has a few quick tips to help out if you're dealing with depression right now (the book obviously has a lot more.)

And finally, here's the letter I wrote on why this book exists.

Q: I'm dealing with depression right now, and I don't honestly have the $10 for the book.

A: More than you know - I've been there. Please check out the Help Edition. I made it for folks exactly like you.

Q: I've got another question!

A: Hop on the list, and then hit reply to the email you get when you sign up - it goes straight to me.


“Kitchen-table readable and insanely good. I don’t know anyone who’s writing about this right now who has such a deep toolbox.”
— Marny Lombard
     Forefront: Innovations in Suicide Prevention