I wrote this book on depression.

Book Cover for The No-Bullshit Guide to Depression

It's pretty good.

Amazon Ratings - 4.5 stars, 89 ratings.
Goodreads Ratings - 4.4 stars, 85 ratings.

If you deal with depression or have someone in your life who does, it can help.

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What's in it?

Think of it as the field guide to depression that we all should have been given.

It covers everything you need to know about how to deal with depression or support someone who deals with it. From basic concepts to practical tools to the latest research - it's all in there, broken down into bite-sized chapters.

It's funny, relentlessly honest, and will give you real, research-backed tools to punch depression in its stupid face.

Who are you?

I'm Steven. I'm a writer with a background in the sciences who's been dealing with depression since I was a kid. Like a lot of folks who deal with depression throughout their lives, it took me years to figure out what was happening.

Then, when I did finally figure it out, I couldn't find many resources that weren't try-harder or cheer-up or so stuffed with psychological gobbledygook that they might as well have been in Greek. That's why I wrote this book.

So it's your opinion? What's it based on?

Nope. This book isn't my story or my thoughts - it's a toolbox of the latest research-backed things we know to be effective with depression.

It's been vetted by actual professionals, it's up-to-date, and it's accurate.

What do actual professionals think?

“Probably the best self-help book on depression I've ever read.”
— Dr. Joe Rhinewine, Psychologist and Director, Portland Mindfulness Therapy
“Kitchen-table readable and insanely good. I don’t know anyone who’s writing about this right now who has such a deep toolbox.”
— Marny Lombard, Forefront: Innovations in Suicide Prevention

So what's the book like?

It's quick and easy to read, filled with short chapters, space for notes, and great illustrations. Shockingly for a book on depression, lots of folks can't put it down, and read it in a single afternoon.

It's straightforward, honest, and won't bullshit you. And it'll give you real tools to do something about depression.

What's in the book, specifically?

A lot. The book is 400 pages and quite thorough - even though it reads casual, fast, and easy.

Here’s the broad breakdown:

Ok, but why should I listen to you? It seems like your depression is under control and you're out here writing books and stuff. That's not where I'm at.

I hear ya. Two reasons. One, this stuff works. It works regardless of who I am or how I'm doing. If you need better tools to take on depression, these are the best ones we've got.

Second, because I still deal with depression. Regularly. If you take a look at my weekly letters, you'll see depression pop up a couple times a year. It's part of my life. It's well-managed, and doesn't prevent me from doing the things I really care about like writing and traveling and telling stories - but it's still there.

Wait, you still deal with depression? I thought this book cures depression!

Real talk?

If you're like me and you deal with recurring serious depression - there's no cure. There are a bunch of things that really help manage and minimize its impact on your life.

But if you're looking for a quick fix or a "cure", you won't find it here, and anyone trying to sell you one is lying.

I believe deeply that honesty is critical in dealing with mental health, and I'm just not going to bullshit you.

Ok. Damn, that sucks.

Yeah. It does.

But honestly, well-managed depression is sort of like a really annoying flu you get every once in a while. And the tools we know about really do help.

If you deal with depression or know somebody who does, I promise it's not a death sentence on having a meaningful, vibrant, really awesome life. It just means you have to do some things differently, and you'll have patches that suck.

Ok, I think I want the book, but do I have to buy an eBook from you? Can I get a physical copy or order it on Amazon instead?

For sure.

You can get it anywhere books are sold, both physically and digitally - Amazon, your country's giant book chain, and your local bookstore will all have it.

If you want a digital version, it's easiest to get directly from me. But you can also get it from the big guys, no problem.

Here's all your options:

I don't think your book is for me. Anyone else you'd recommend?

Absolutely. All of these folks are writing, drawing, and telling stories about depression in really tremendous ways.

Have you made any other things I might dig?

Yep! A couple things.

I have another question!

Drop me an email. It's my first name @ this very website. It goes straight to me.